How to Create a Killer Landing Page

Barak Zamler

Sales & Marketing Specialist

A landing page is a marketing asset businesses use to convert their web page visitors into leads/customers.

The landing page can be part of your main website or have a unique standalone domain.

Landing pages are not new. However, more and more businesses use them for their digital marketing efforts. If your landing page has a high conversion rate, you will maintain a profitable ROI (Return-on-investment) and grow.

If you already have a great landing page, learn in this post how to promote it by creating a successful Google Ads campaign.

How to create a killer landing page with a high conversion rate?

1) Define your goal

Each landing page has a goal. Whether it’s to drive more sales, generate new leads, or receive phone calls, defining your landing page goal will help you decide how to create it and what marketing message to include within the landing page.

2) Use a strong headline

Attracting landing page visitors is not easy or cheap, so it’s crucial to use a compelling, catchy headline to capture users’ attention so they keep scrolling through your landing page instead of bouncing off it.

The headline should be clear and reflect most of the content within your landing page.

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3) Focus on the benefits

It is not personal, but nobody cares about your product or service. People care about themselves. When landing page visitors are looking for information, they would like to see if you are the one who will be able to solve their problems.

Therefore, it’s best to focus on what benefits your customers receive by using your product/service instead of just telling them about the features.

4) Use simple texts

Don’t use complicated words and sentences on your landing page. Your visitors might not understand the jargon or technical terms you use.
Write the content in a clear way that is easy to read so most people will read it.

5) Use a clear CTA (Call-to-action)

Create your landing page in a way that web page visitors can only do one action at the end, for example, submitting a lead form, purchasing a product, and more.

Ensure that the CTA is eye-catching and clear so that web page visitors are more likely to convert.

Avoid using multiple CTA’s on your landing page as it can only confuse its visitors. A bad example of using two CTA’s on a landing page is to call the page visitors to submit a lead form and purchase a product.

Make the CTA align with your landing page goals.

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6) Optimize for mobile devices

Most users on the internet use mobile devices, so it’s necessary to optimize your landing page for mobile devices instead of desktops only.

Most landing page builders today enable switching between desktop and mobile views so you can customize the appearance on each device.

This post will help you improve your website’s user experience and increase conversions.

7) Use fast-loading hosting services

When creating a landing page, ensure that your hosting services provider is reliable so your page load speed will be as quick as possible.

If your page load takes more than two seconds, you may need to check whether your page’s content is too large or your hosting is not good enough.

To conclude,

Creating a killer landing page can help your business grow by attracting new clients and generating online sales. However, it can be a waste of time and money if it’s not done properly, so use these tips when creating a landing page to maximize performance.

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