The New Gemini Features Business Owners Must Leverage

Barak Zamler

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Gemini is the most capable and largest AI model by Google with 146.6 million active users. When users thought that ChatGPT was enough to fulfill their AI needs, Google released its first AI-powered chatbot Bard on March 21, 2023.

A year later, Google decided to rebrand Bard as Gemini with added functionalities and capabilities. Currently, Gemini 1.0 is available in three different sizes:

  1. Gemini Ultra: Trained to solve most complex problems on a larger scale
  2. Gemini Pro: Best model to be used across different industries for various tasks
  3. Gemini Nano: An efficient model designed for on-device tasks and smart devices

What can Gemini do for your business?

As compared to ChatGPT, Gemini is more flexible and developed to be multimodal. Apart from text, Gemini by Google can effectively respond to videos and texts too. In the marketing world, efficient analysis of visual data is the key to successful campaigns.

Whether you want to optimize the content creation game or want to communicate effectively with your audience and customers, Gemini integration can improve business operations. 

If you would like to know the best ChatGPT uses for digital marketing, this post may provide you with the answer.

Here are some key aspects of businesses where Gemini can be a great resource:

What can gemini do for your business

Optimized Content Creation

Businesses that publish quality content for their audience are more likely to appear as an authority in the competitive markets. Gemini is capable of writing and creating content like blogs, informational articles, marketing copies, reports, and summarizing information.

Small-medium businesses usually don’t have in-house content creation teams and using the power of AI can save them time and resources. Humanizing the content for the target audience is an important factor even with Gemini or any other tool.

Automating Critical Marketing Decisions

Digital marketing has become the core of any business growth. No business can survive or thrive in 2024 without investing in digital marketing. AI-enabled marketing is expected to drive 45% of the global economy in the next 6 years.

Gemini can assist startups and entrepreneurs with targeted data collection to understand consumer behaviors and sentiments. Provided with enough data, Gemini can help you in better decision-making by using advanced capabilities like:

  • Machine language learning
  • Data collection
  • Data-driven analysis
  • Natural language processing
  • Sorting complex problems

Effective Collaboration and Communication

Visitors expect quick replies to their queries and having dedicated chat support agents can be a costly decision. 

The integration of Gemini API in your business website can help them to improve response time. These AI-powered chatbots respond quickly and can answer common questions just like a human agent.

Translating live captions or responding to international clients is also easier with AI integration. Businesses that have employees onboard from other regions can also keep teams on the same page with effective collaboration.

Gemini is good for Effective Collaboration and Communication

Conclusion- Unleash the Power of AI for Your Business

Automation of complex tasks has never been so easy. This AI model is not just for tech geeks or coders and programmers but even a common entrepreneur can also use its powerful features.

Though AI is expected to revolutionize the marketing realm having an experienced marketing agency on board can be the best decision in 2024. Human creativity is something that helps to advertise your business in a unique way and at Ultraise, we deliver promised results with the integration of technology and human creativity.

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