The Way to Have the Lowest Cost per Result in PPC

Barak Zamler

Sales & Marketing Specialist

All marketers strive for the best results when it comes to PPC advertising (Pay-per-click). These results can be leads, sales, website traffic, post engagement, etc.

By generating results for low costs, businesses can grow while having a positive ROI (Return on investment).
For example, a business with a positive 300% ROI invests $1 in a Google Ads campaign and receives $3 in return.

If you are new to PPC and want to learn its basics, reading this post may help.

The profitability of a PPC campaign can be determined simply: if the ROI is negative, the campaign isn’t profitable, but if the ROI is positive, it’s probably worthwhile to keep it running.

Even though the equation is simple, having the lowest cost per result may be hard to achieve.

Why? Because the PPC industry is full of businesses that promote services/products similar to yours. You all compete with each other on ad impressions via auctions. A low cost per result can be achieved by applying several elements to your campaign.

This post will show you the way to have the lowest cost per result in your PPC campaigns:

1) Define your target audience

It is important to know who you are targeting with your ads.
By defining your target audience, your PPC campaign will be more accurate with the right marketing message tailored to the right audience.

Imagine promoting women’s clothes to pregnant women in the age range of 60-80. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, right?

Such mistakes can be avoided by defining your target audience in detail before launching a PPC campaign.

If you want to learn how to define your target audience, reading this post may give you the answer.

How to define your target audience

2) Choose the right advertising platform

Following your target audience definition, it’s important to choose the right PPC platform where your target audience is.

For example, TikTok is mostly used by younger people than those who use Facebook.

It is recommended to start advertising with the platform that best suits your target audience, and then try other platforms too.

3) Use an irresistible offer in your ads

Your ads only have a few seconds to capture users’ attention.
If you want to generate more results for lower costs, you need to use the best offer your business can afford.

If the offer sounds irresistible, you can generate unlimited low-cost results.

4) Use eye-catching creatives/texts

PPC campaigns usually consist of images/videos and texts.
Using eye-catching content in your ads can help them get more attention.

Try thinking of ads that made you stop scrolling through the feed and stare at them – What elements do they have that make them stand out? Is it the image, video, or text that captured your attention?

Apply those elements in your ads to maximize your campaign’s potential.

use eye catching creatives and texts in your ads

5) Campaign optimization

There’s a common misconception among business owners that campaign optimization is not necessary, only the setup.

The setup is indeed an important stage in a successful PPC campaign. However, once the campaign launches – the learning process begins and NEVER ends.

It’s because campaign optimization is about performing A/B testing of different elements to find better options that generate lower costs per result.

The elements you can perform A/B testing with are audience, bidding strategy, budget, creative, text, ad placements, and more.

To conclude

The way to have the lowest cost per result requires dedication and patience.
Running successful PPC campaigns is a never-ending process and not a one-time setup.

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