What Is the Best Way to Adveritise on Telegram?

Barak Zamler

Sales & Marketing Specialist

These days, using advertising platforms like Google, Meta, and more has become very common.
Businesses leverage those networks to reach their target audience with PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns and get more leads, sales, etc.

One advertising platform that is considered new to the market is Telegram Ads.

In this post, you will discover how Telegram Ads work and the best way to advertise on Telegram and achieve quality results.

If you already know how Telegram Ads work, reading this post can help you avoid the biggest mistakes in digital marketing.

Before we dive into Telegram Ads, let's understand what Telegram is:

With over 700 million monthly active users worldwide, Telegram provides a secure and free messaging service.

The Telegram app allows users to send private messages and chat in private groups, as well as subscribe to one-to-many public channels.

Every month, Telegram users generate over 500 billion views in one-to-many channels.

What is telegram

Why is Telegram so popular?

This platform is special because it has positioned itself as a platform with open communication and minimal content moderation. Telegram’s user base has been growing significantly over the past few years.

In addition, Telegram is known for its end-to-end encryption for privacy. The platform offers “secret chats” with end-to-end encryption, which means only you and the recipient can access your chats.

The official Telegram Ads

You can use Telegram Ads to show sponsored messages on Telegram, which are displayed in large public one-to-many channels with 1000+ subscribers and are limited to 160 characters.

Sponsored Messages are based solely on the topic of the public channels in which they are shown.

The truth about Telegram Ads

The official Telegram Ads platform is still in its Beta, which means there’s less established data on its effectiveness.

In addition, Sponsored Messages are currently in test mode, so it is not guaranteed that your ads will appear on Telegram.

What’s the best way to advertise on Telegram right now?

Using Telega

Telega.io is the best for advertising on Telegram

Telega.io is a growing platform that acts as a marketplace for advertising on Telegram channels and bots.

This platform currently has 4000+ verified Telegram channels, 143K users, and 1000+ new campaigns every week.

This is why Telega is currently the best platform for advertising on Telegram:

✓ It connects advertisers and publishers

With a quick search, you can filter channels based on topics, keywords, languages, and tags.

✓ It finds relevant audiences

There’s a wide range of unique channels you can choose from to advertise your product/service. Place ads on the channels that have an audience relevant to your business.

✓ It automates tasks

The process of placing ads on Telegram is automated by selecting ready-to-made ad plans, creating ads, kickstarting your campaign, and getting notified of any ad placement.

✓ It provides analytics

Each Telegram channel on Telega has statistics like average post views, ER (the ratio of all subscribers to reach), and more.

After you launch your campaign, the A/B testing process begins.
Telega shows you crucial information for each of your campaigns and channels you advertise on, like views of your posts by hours, cost per view, cost per link click, and more.

To conclude

Even though Telegram is considered a new advertising platform, using Telega you can reach your target audience effectively while maintaining a relatively low cost per 1000 views because there are not so many advertisers on this platform yet, and that’s your opportunity to take advantage of it and grow your business!

If you want to learn how to write engaging ad posts, reading this post may give you the answer.

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