Why a Good Customer Journey Is the Best Marketing Strategy?

Barak Zamler

Sales & Marketing Specialist

What’s so important in providing a good customer journey in your business? In this post, you will find out why this is the best marketing strategy for long-term growth.

So many businesses struggle with their marketing, whether they need to get more leads or increase their sales. The problem is that a lot of them do not pay enough attention to providing a good customer journey to their customers.

That way, not only will it be hard to get more clients, but keeping existing clients will be nearly impossible.

If you have an independent business and want to grow it besides having a good customer journey, reading this post may help.

Here are the main reasons why a good customer journey is the best marketing strategy for every business:

1) Deep customer understanding

If your business has a good customer journey, it probably includes having a great connection and deep understanding of your client.

When you understand your client well, it’s possible to map the customer journey and understand your audience’s needs, motivations, and pain points at each stage.

It helps you enhance your marketing effectiveness by writing more precise ad copies, creating relevant creatives, using the right marketing message, knowing the audience you aim to, etc.

How understanding your customer contributes to a good customer journey

2) Increase in loyalty

Happy customers = Loyal customers
Loyal customers = Business growth

Every business needs to have the largest loyal customer base possible. It contributes to long-term growth.

If your customer journey is good, interacting with your business provides a smooth experience across all interaction points.

From the moment someone views your business for the first time to the moment he purchases, uses the product, and then returns to purchase it again.

3) Having more brand advocates

A good customer journey ensures that your customers stay happy.

If your customers are happy – in addition to keep purchasing, they can become brand advocates by recommending your business to potential clients, which can bring you many leads.

The best thing about your customers recommending your business to others is that they do the sales pitch for you and convince people to purchase your product/service.

That way, your sales call/meeting will be much easier as the deal is already 90% closed.

4) Standing out in the crowd

In today’s world, most people are used to having awful customer service, which is a part of the customer journey of any business.

You can differentiate your business from the competition by providing amazing customer service.

There are so many businesses that claim fake statements like:

  • “The best service guaranteed”
  • “Get the best customer support”
  • “100% satisfaction guaranteed”


Sound familiar, right?

But let’s think about it for one moment, how many of those businesses truly stand behind those statements? Unfortunately, not many.

That’s your opportunity to be the business that provides the best customer service and stands out.

5) Improved employee morale

If your business has a satisfying customer journey, it can also impact your employees.

A good customer journey enables employees to focus on business development without wasting time on angry customers, technical problems, etc.

As a result, your employees will become more productive and happy, contributing to business growth.

customer journey can impact employee morale

To conclude

Many businesses make the mistake of investing in aggressive marketing without fixing inner problems like improving the customer journey.

It is almost impossible for a business to grow if the customer journey is poor.

There are cases in which you may not want to work with potential customers. Read more about it in this post.

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