Wix vs Elementor – Which one is better for you?

Barak Zamler

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Seasoned website developers know their tools but an entrepreneur or non-technical business person might come across different website builders. No-code solutions are developed to offer drag-and-drop website design platforms.

As per the latest stats, more than 8.8 million websites are built with Elementor. Wix is another major player in the market and more than 10.8 million websites are built with Wix.

Most users get confused about WordPress and Elementor. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and Elementor is one of the most popular website builders.  

Elementor vs. Wix- Key Differences

WordPress users prefer using Elementor as the website builder plugin. Real-time visual editor enables users to design fully optimized, functional, and dynamic web pages. Wix is a complete all-in-one website development platform. Drag-and-drop no-code approach makes these two most popular among users.

Despite having great features and dynamic page designs and templates, you need to pick one for your next website design project. 

Here are key differences that will make the selection process easier:

Editing Style
Customizable editing experience with extensive control over individual elements
Simple editing style with the ability to modify pre-designed templates using a simple drag-and-drop approach
Free and Pro versions are available for all users, Pro version costs $59/per year
Free and paid versions are available, paid version starts from $16/month and goes up to $159/month
Ease of use
For basic tasks, Elementor is quite convenient to use. Pro features require expertise.
Front-end page builder with no-code and drag-and-drop features. Edit pre-designed templates with ease
Ideal for
Best for websites where design elements are more important
Best for websites with added functionality and features
Learning curve
Getting started is easy and you will be able to build a website with no prior experience
You might have to learn a few tools to use the extended functionality of the tool
More than 150 readily available templates
800+ optimized website templates are available

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After you have a basic idea about the features and options offered by both platforms, here are some common features that are important in any website builder:

1) App Integration

For different types of professional websites and personal blogs, both builders can integrate all popular apps and plugins. Whether you need to add custom blocks and features or want to install plugins for extended functionality, Wix and Elementor integrate with most apps.

2) Hosting and Domain

Wix is a self-hosted solution and users don’t need to buy 3rd party domain and hosting. If you are using Elementor as a plugin for a WordPress website, you need to have hosting and a domain.

3) SEO Capabilities

For business growth, SEO is the most important factor and both website builders are highly capable of optimizing sites. Designs are also quite responsive and additional SEO kits can also be used.

Important features in website bulders

Elementor vs. Wix- Which one is best for you

Elementor as a plugin for WordPress is more suitable for users who have at least intermediate knowledge of the design elements and WordPress. Wix is mostly recommended for non-technical users who want interactive web pages with unlimited functionality. Both are great website builders and you can use the one that meets your budget and design requirements.

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