Grow & Stay Involved Package Gain a deeper understanding of your performance campaigns

Our traditional PPC campaign management package
grow and stay involved ppc campaign management package
pay monthly depending on your budget (4)

Pay Monthly Depending on Your Budget

In this package, you pay the campaign management fee based on your marketing budget (Media buying fee + Basic management fee).

Using this approach, we are able to work with businesses of all sizes and grow with confidence, together.

Get a monthly performance report

Our campaign management consists of ongoing tracking and analysis of the campaign results and performing relevant changes and optimizations to improve performance.

Every month, you will receive a monthly performance report including campaign performance details, optimizations we performed, our conclusions, and additional valuable information.

get a monthly performance report
get weekly email updates (1)

Get weekly email updates

Because we want you to stay on track with your PPC campaigns, you’ll receive easy-to-understand weekly updates via email.

The weekly updates include valuable information like campaign performance details, changes to the campaigns, quality checks, and more.

Have a Monthly Zoom meeting

We believe in a strong connection with our clients, therefore we will both have a Monthly Zoom meeting in which we discuss the campaign performance, important key points, future strategy, and other important stuff.

have a monthly zoom meeting
Own the marketing materials

Own the marketing materials

With this package, the ads will run through your ad account, meaning you’ll have full access to the campaign as well as ownership of the marketing materials used in your campaign.

It includes ad creatives, texts, audiences, and pixels we created

No Commitment

We believe in a healthy relationship with our clients and mutual growth.

To ensure your full confidence in the process, you can cancel it at any time with 30 days’ notice.

No commitment

About Ultraise

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Ultraise offers its customers valuable digital and technical marketing services. We focus on professionalism, transparency, and excellent communication.

Our goal is to create ongoing work relationships with clients and help them raise their businesses in the long term.

We have already helped tens of clients from different industries reach their target audience through efficient digital marketing across all platforms, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing.

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