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Our brand new PPC campaign management package
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We pay for the ads

Don't Pay for the Ads

Forget about the traditional method of paying different platforms to run your advertisements without knowing whether your ads will work or not.

We will cover the expenses for your ads by running the campaign inside our ad account, allowing you to focus on achieving your business goals without worrying about budget constraints and uncertainty.

Pay Just for Results

Why pay for clicks when you can pay for results? With this package, from the moment we launch your campaign, you only pay when your ads drive results such as leads.​

We focus on achieving quality results tailored to your business by delivering the best marketing message to the right audience and the platform.​

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lowest risk advertising

Lowest-Risk Advertising

You're guaranteed the lowest-risk advertising strategy available. At a very affordable rate, we will create a PPC campaign tailored to your business needs, and then you will pay only for results.

Say goodbye to wasted ad spend and hello to a streamlined, results-driven approach. It's time to raise with confidence, together.

Better ROI Forecasting

Gain confidence in your advertising investment with Ultraise's advanced ROI forecasting. Based on our market research and experience, we estimate the price per result for your business before we begin. Only after you accept that price - we proceed and create the campaign (The price per result may change depending on market conditions).

Our experts use data-driven insights to predict the price per result and optimize the campaigns, ensuring you receive the best results for the lowest price possible.​

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No Commitment

To ensure your full confidence in the process, you can cancel it at any time with 24 hours' notice.

You can also cancel your purchase if the price per result changes during the process and pay only for the results you have already received for the last price per result you agreed upon.

About Ultraise

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Ultraise offers its customers valuable digital and technical marketing services. We focus on professionalism, transparency, and excellent communication.

Our goal is to create ongoing work relationships with clients and help them raise their businesses in the long term.

We have already helped tens of clients from different industries reach their target audience through efficient digital marketing across all platforms, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing.

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